Modified starch, the asset of pastries

Starch is a natural molecule found in some plants. It is a complex glucose. The agri-food industry processes starches to modify or improve their thickening, binding or gelling action. Modified starches are therefore used as food additives.

Where do the starches come from?

There is not a single source of starch. Native starches, that is starches found in nature, come mainly from tubers and cereals. Cassava and potatoes contain starch, as well as corn, wheat and rice. A modified starch is just transformed. This does not mean that it is extracted from a genetically modified organism.

What are modified starches used for?

Starches are useful for binding, thickening or gelling a food preparation. In the food emulsifiers industry, these additives help to give texture to products. In particular, modified starches of wheat and corn are used for gelled foods. They prefer potato starch for more liquid products. They also allow … Read More